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About ABBA's International

Here at ABBA’s International Healing Center Inc., we are dedicated to creating social change and disrupting the social stigmatism associated with mental health illness. We have the goal of providing adequate support and care to the mentally ill war victims across the Great Lakes region of Central Africa by promoting dignity and growth for people with disabilities and mental health needs. We promise to work until the people we serve claim a fundamental role in their community.

Our Mission

Our organization is dedicated to the noble mission of promoting the inherent dignity and fostering personal growth among individuals with disabilities and mental health needs. 

We firmly believe that every person we serve plays a crucial and fundamental role within their community, contributing to the richness and diversity that defines a thriving society. 

By championing inclusivity, empowerment, and respect for all individuals, we strive to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to flourish, achieve their full potential, and actively participate in shaping a more compassionate and supportive community for all.

Our Work

  • Advocacy
  • Promotes Inclusion
  • Equality
  • Fosters Justice
  • Integrity
  • Demands Accountability
  • Education
  • Inform Progress
  • Creativity
  • Cultivates Innovation
  • Communication
  • Drives Drives Collaboration

More on ABBA's Work

ABBA’s International Healing Center Inc. works with local hospitals and other charity organizations to share the load of mentally ill individuals, these organizations already support. A mental hospital is being built in the Maniema province in DR Congo to serve as a primary treatment facility. A network of small patient care centers will be developed in remote rural areas. Patients will be received in the main hospital or in the care center, where if diagnosed with a mental illness, will be transferred to the main hospital for treatment.

If the patient is diagnosed with a severe trauma, he/she is going to be hospitalized for the duration of his/her treatment, provided with a bed and three meals a day. If otherwise the case is not severe, the patient will be treated by appointment and provided with free medicines. An ongoing training program of local psychiatric medical practitioners will be implemented to ensure sustainability and raise the local human capital in the field of psychology.

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